You and Me

The world is full of magic. You just have to believe in it‘. Never really thought of it actually, but now as I think of it,  You are the one and only who comes to my mind.

I never really thought of our relationship to be that deep and profound until you wrote that poem to me back when you were in Kota. Sure, there was love and affection and tenderness and warmth but on the other hand, we used to have hell lots of fights. So, I always used to think that’s how a brother-sister relation is meant to be and maybe it happens to every brother-sister relation in this world. Never did I knew it is out-of-the-world kinda love and nobody-could-ever-love-anyone-more-than-you-love-me. ‘That day’ was huge! I can still remember how I felt at that moment. It is still fresh in my heart and it was overwhelming then. I couldn’t stop but read the poem again and again till I realized I can speak it without reading it as a message from the cellphone.
I can recall writing down the entire thing on a piece of paper so that I’d have it with me forever.

I never knew it began right after I was born. Like, seriously! We used to fight like animals over petty issues and I used to cry at the end, desperately wanting you to get all the scolding! (vicious face) (Period) Growing up was a tough time. But it passed pretty well because you were there! It was only then when I realized that this relationship, that we are entitled to have, is pure and a priori truth. It was a seed back then and it started thriving while we were growing. We nourished it when we started understanding each other through all our fights and hugs and kisses, and it blossomed to a-forever-love-flower with spritz of eternity in all these years of togetherness! I do believe in destiny and hence in the fact that we were destined to be the way we are. Remember I told you some time in life that if you weren’t my brother, I would want you to be my boyfriend? Well, I don’t anymore. Because this relation, that we own and admire, I’m blessed to have it and I know it is a-best-fit this way! 🙂 And also, I want you forever!

Looking back, can’t really figure out how time flies. But all I can recall is an-ocean-full-of-memories. Happy, sad, good, bad, ugly; you’ve been a constant.
I remember how you never miss my birthdays and for a few ones that you have, I know you couldn’t really come then. So, that’s okay. This time, when you urged too much to come and I was kinda dodging you and the situation, a common friend whom you told how earnestly you wanted to be there with me was the moment when I wanted none other than you to celebrate my birthday with! And when you asked me not to alter any of my plans and you’d be a dear friend instead of a-judgmental-big-brother, I pondered upon how blessed I am to have you in my life. My birthday was a blast and you know that! It couldn’t have been more splendid and magnificent. And not to forget, my new year begins with you! And that’s the best part of it. 🙂

Brother, you’ve been such a darling to me in every-brotherly-way. I cant’t thank HIM enough for having you. You are a blessing to me from up above.
And I know that you know this, but in case you forget, you will always and always be ‘The Love Of My Life‘. So, to my darling love, on this Valentine’s Day, I get down on my knees with a red rose in my right hand and a gift box full of ferrero rocher in my left, I confess you that,

‘I Love You! Thank you for being mine forever!’ xoxo


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  • I love you little sister, always will.

    Yes, you had me by surprise with this post. Love you more for that.

    Keep writing, soon you might have a blog of your own! 😉

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