Guest post #4 – Insanity of Desire!

The sun has risen up and its rays had made the girl, who was still asleep, cuddle with her blanket. Tina woke up only to find her love, Ronit which was missing on the bed. Fearing he left her she shrugged off the blanket swiftly to rush downstairs in search of him but was stopped midway by a hold on her from the wrist. She knew the touch for it was his firm hand. Her eyes sparkled with satisfaction of him being around. He grabbed her from arms softly making her turn to face towards him. Both of them stared at each other for a moment until she couldn’t resist but hug him tightly. To her dismay he was found to be nowhere. It was just she, herself standing all alone dumbstruck in the room.

Her loneliness was disturbed by the knock on the door. She quickly wiped off her tears and opened it mechanically as if she had been waiting to respond.

“Ma’am your breakfast!” the lady at the door spoke.

“I don’t want it!” the door respondent remarked.

“But ma’am you haven’t ate anything since last night?” she exclaimed.

“Quiet! He is still asleep.” Tina whispered pointing to the bed.

The maiden looked worriedly at the horrible condition of her mistress. She was totally mess with her hairs completely untangled, worn up dress with color stains on it, scars on her face and arms followed up by a shattered room with everything misplaced and so many sheets scattered all over. Tina had been trying to paint his picture whole night but failed as she wasn’t good in art like him. She had always admired the way he portrait her beauty in his paintings.

Not paying any attention, Tina ran to the main hall seeing him entering in. She screamed aloud his name as if telling everyone of his arrival. She knew he would come to meet her today, for it was a special day. It was their marriage anniversary. She wanted to surprise him and so had asked the maiden to make all the arrangements for she knew he loves decoration done with magnificent flowers, music, lighting, and most of all her groomed up to the best, just for him.

She smiled childishly with the delightful thought that he is admiring her looks as she walked to him. She rushed onto the staircase so as to reach him. But someone blocked her way. Ronit was waiting to present her the lovely bouquet he had brought with his open arms. She tried remorselessly to push the person but her efforts went in vain. She watched him go back leaving her.

“He is leaving brother! Ronit is leaving! Let me stop him” she exclaimed.

“Let him go” He pleadingly spoke. Hearing this she slapped him tight and hurriedly left to follow Ronit.

Yes! He had left her another time just like he did by dying on the night of his own birthday one year ago, when she had killed him wildly in her madness. Later she had kneeled down to sit near his dead body crying in pain. She shouted aloud to call him back.

Ronit was her only desire whom she always craved to attain. She wished to rule him and wanted him to love just her. She got him marry her forcefully and gave her every love leisure and luxury of life. Yet somewhere in his thoughts another girl belonged. She refused to accept that he still was not entirely hers as she knew his soul was waiting to meet her, at least once.

Her head banged with the entrance gate which was closed. She got more furious and picked up the glass statue kept aside. She whacked it hard on her hand. Blood flushed out. Her brother and maiden hassled to control her.  She absent mindedly moved to go inside stepping on those broken pieces.

She saw him in the garden near the pavilion. He stood there smiling. Her eyes stare at him and his was gazing the sky. She struggled to go near him to touch him, to feel him. Before she could step forward she was shocked to watch the girl beside him hugging into his arms. They were sharing laughter. It was none other than her.

Emptiness within her now seemed to kill her on the realization that Ronit has proved himself to be up to her desire. He had given her everything from his belongingness… care, help, time, happiness but in return she had only been cruel enough to give him death for the reason he had wanted to go and save the life of his love. She couldn’t dare to bear this. She never could understand that love goes along sacrifice.

It was dark again… her eyes became gloomy & she got unconscious as soon as the syringe was injected in her body. Tina’s insanity of desiring him had lead to this mental trauma.


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