Guest post #3 – When Life appeared like a DREAM..!!

Girls are the crazy devotees of love stories and I am no different. Being an ardent admirer of love sagas, I had heard, watched and read hundreds of love stories. But this story was different, completely different than the rest, for me, because it is my love story, and for others as well, because there was something about this tale which made it extremely special.

My life has been special in its own way.. lovely family, great friends, good job and a simple lifestyle. There was nothing extraordinary that I could have shared with the others and the entire world. Being an introvert,I like keeping things to myself without even letting the others feel what all and how much is running through my head and my heart. My life is an open book, at least for the people who know me for I avoid sharing myself completely with anyone, not even with my closed ones. And then, there has always been a very special corner in the garden of my heart where everyday a new dream blossoms and now that corner has started blooming with the beauty and fragrance of those dreams which are utmost special for me. The dreams were many but the most special of all was the one which adorned the center of my little heart.. The dreams of my SKR i.e ‘Sapno ka Rajkumar’. And they were too precious to share with someone.

I could not picture him clearly in my heart, I mean how could I, that wasn’t practically possible but still I had imagined him in my daydreams. It was like i am watching that view from the back where he is holding my hands in his, taking me to an unknown yet fascinating place illuminated by the beaming moonlight. From the much I could understand from that scene was that he was very loving and extremely caring, completely lost in my eyes as if i was the only girl in this world, his girl, and tightening his grip on my arms as if  he did not want me to go anywhere,not even for a second. And I, mesmerized by the charm of his love kept staring in his deep eyes which apparently explained the depth of his love for me. I thoroughly believed that there could not be such a soulful lad on this Earth before I met him.. or if I say ‘heard him‘.


October had just begun. It was a pleasant Sunday morning. I was reading my horoscope in Sunday times. ‘…. and this week some of the Scorpios may even find their love interest’ when my cellphone started playing its soothing ringtone. I had a call.. an unfamiliar call from a familiar number.( There can be many situations which will lead to the same statement,u may imagine anyone of them).

The voice that side was a kind one would love listening to – intense, mischievous yet gentle.

Him: Hello?

Me: Yes? May I know Who is speaking?

Him: I am speaking.

Me: Who ‘I’?

Him: Me.

Me: Whom do you want to talk to?

Him: You.

Me: Me? But i don’t know you.

Him: So what? You will come to know me.

Me: Are you telling me your name or i am keeping the phone.

Him: Keep it if you can.

Such was the confidence in his voice when he said that statement that i just could not keep the phone. After having heard his voice for just few minutes, i was so lost in his voice that i found it hard to press that red button. As if he had compelled me by just saying a few sentences. It took me a lot to disconnect that call. The next day, same time , my phone rang again. Seeing that familiar number,i received that call. It was him,once again. Our conversation began with the same set of question-answer round. I realized i wanted to talk to him. It was really strange on my part that a girl who has always been shy while talking to people, has always been so uncomfortable sharing her thoughts with the others, the same girl had been completely hypnotized by that voice.

He wanted to talk. I was trying to be resistant. But just trying. It was hard to control myself as if some outer force was overpowering all my efforts. And i was giving up. I had not met him. I had not even seen him. I had just heard him. But while talking to him, or rather listening to him, I used to feel as if I have been talking to him since years, I know him since I did not when. I had started losing control over myself. I had stopped making efforts to resist him and was swaying in the direction his words were taking me to. We started talking frequently.. everyday.. many times a day. The duration of our calls was stretching longer. And our conversation.. getting deeper and love- centered. Few days later, it was just him and me… deeply in love with each other.

Him: I don’t want to hear anything.
Me: I am sorry.. Suno toh..
Him: No.. I won’t talk to you.
Me: Achha!! For how long?
5 min? 3 min? 1 min?
Him: Never.
Me: Oooooh… Hmm… Let me see..
(I went closer to him.. stood right in front and placed my hand on his chin.. made him look into my eyes.. deep into my eyes. Few seconds later,we kissedAnd all this happened while we were on phone.)

He stepped in my life and I forgot my SKR. May be, because I had already found my SKR in him. Or may be, there was so much of love filled in his words that i was completely fascinated in that different world i was residing in then and did not remember anything. His charm was just dragging me towards him every moment. He used to talk and I kept listening to him in amazement. He kept intensifying my average looks making me feel as I was the most beautiful girl on this Earth. I used to feel his warm touch even miles away from him. I found myself completely immersed in his immeasurable love. I wanted to be with him. I wanted to spend my entire life with him. I longed to take my last breath in his presence. I wanted to forget all those reasons which were stopping me from moving ahead. And I told him.. Everything. My life appeared like a dream. Only dreams could have been so beautiful. I was lost. Completely lost.

Yes. Only dreams appear to be so beautiful. When reality strikes, you get a hard blow on your heart which wakes you up from your deepest slumbers and shows you the bitter truth of life. Same thing happened with me as well. Though our hearts were deeply connected.. they are still connected, our lives will never meet. I have still not met him. I have neither captured a glimpse of him in my heart nor have I felt his warm touch. I know how immensely I have loved him. But I will always be more fortunate for having him than him for having myself for his love is deeper than mine. I have heard people saying that True Love stories never end.. And i truly believe in it. So I am moving on in my life having experienced the most beautiful moments. As they say, Don’t be sad that it’s over. Be glad that it happened. And in my case,it isn’t over.. it will never be over. Wherever You are.. I want you to know that I still Love you. And will keep loving forever.


Hi friends.. hope you liked this post. I am not an author. But I keep making such small attempts. This story is just a small piece of fiction which was running in my heart since a long time and i felt like sharing it with you all when Ankur invited me to write something for his blog. And thanks a lot Bhai for inviting me to your blog as a guest writer. I really feel honored to be here. Love u.


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  • Wow that is so beautiful Angel, Love is the most beautiful thing that happen to you in life, it change everything and make your life meaningful. Cheers 🙂

  • hi senorita!
    Im glad ankur brought you here to share this one odrwise we wuldnt hve know sum1 have got such a fascinating hidden talent. Thanx buddy sumtyms ur ideas work great ;-):-P
    Btw coming back to your post.. Dear its simply wonderful. You’ve got great writing skills, i actually got engrossed into it and dan realised it was just a fiction =)
    The way u described evry feeling so delicately seemed so real and straightaway frm heart. As a reader i loved it. Superb work!

    • Thanks a lot Isha!! I wish it had been real.. who doesn’t want a love story like this one in his/her life? I am glad that u liked it. Thanks once again.

  • Its was worth appreciation so no thanx. =)
    And yes, dis one is written by u.. bt im sure up above d sky god must be writing another wondrful one juz for you. 😉

  • I read this, and I wish it were for real. Everything, every single bit of it. I wish it would happen to me and be that way forever. I wish there was no end to this. Why is there always an end? More so, why not all love stories have a happy ending? They say it feels good to be in love, why is then that pain in the end? There are questions I am still finding answers to. Your post just made me all the more desperate to do so. Happy life Seno!

  • hey ankur, i knw this isn’t a chat box… yet i just wanted to say agar pyaar itni asani ji mil jaye toh woh pyaar hi kya? True love always is meant to struggle and is all about giving (sacrificing) not about getting that person.

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