Guest post #1 – Here’s someone for you!

Okay, so this is how it started.

One evening, I was doing some gaming on my mobile. TV was on. And Buzzzz, I had a new message.

Oye, will you be the first guest blogger for my blog =/

I tell you, that wasn’t shocking. =)

Hello ReadersAnkur ke dosto and yes, my dear Spam Bots! I am Varun (if you didn’t alreay notice). 😛

It was really hard to decide about the topic. It had to be good, that’s all I knew. Talking about life, feelings, etc has never been my thing. Fun? Um.. No. That happens with friends around, right? (winks) So, I didn’t had anything to write about. Tech, for a change, I ruled out in the beginning.

BTW, Christmas is over already, any ideas for new year resolutions? Han Han? 😀

Well, I have some things you might wanna do in 2012. Com’on, I have something for everyone!

1. Go to school less often. What, don’t wanna help mumma with some work!? She works so much for you guys. And schools are getting useless anyways.

2. Never follow Point 1. 😛

3. Deactivate your Facebook account. Twitter’s a much better place to hang out. What no?  Seriously!

4. Ahem, this one’s good.  Stop watching those silly TV shows.  Trust me, buy Tata Sky and subscribe to CW. Phir Life hogi jhingalala!

5. Mr. Dad, take some time off  your office to go watch movies and have fun. Please don’t watch ‘Players’ BTW. #AHumbleRequest

6. Try playing lesser games and study more. You are gonna get all the time to play games in college. That’s all we do there! (lol)

7.  Oh, sorry. There’s no 7. 😛
Actually, that’s all I could think of with this sleepy little head of mine.

I need to sign off now; and that just got too much for a guest post. You guys enjoy your Christmas fun. 😀

Have a happy 2012! 😉

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