10 Day ‘You’ Challenge – Day 9

Day 9 – two songs

Though my love for music has been mostly about following the top 40, there are some tracks that have settled on my mind and heart as much as any person dear to me. And since music has mostly been a companion when I feel lonely, or sad.. or angry sometimes, the two songs I am sharing belong to the same one genre.

The '10 Day You Challenge'

1. Ke Bin Tere – Aggar

A good song, with soft music and nice lyrics. Mithoon’s voice takes care of the magic it leaves behind. This song gives me the pep my life has been needing for the past 4 years. Does drive me down some crazy memory lanes, but I never regret listening to this song. It’s flawless.

2. Laree Choote – Ek Chalis Ki Last Local

I remember how I crazy I went after listening to this song for the first time back when I was in Kota. Lyrics are what have always mattered to me, they always have. I listened to this song straight for 2 weeks on loop.

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  • Erm.. I haven’t heard them but for sure I know there are many songs in your list which are my fav track too. 🙂

    *hats-off to you for you managed to fulfill this challenge and that too in a very pleasant manner. You didn’t just gave statements for your answers but instead described them perfectly.
    Great job dear 😀

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