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10 Day ‘You’ Challenge – Day 8

Another day passes. And it wasn’t a good one. Trust me, life stinks once you start seeing that everything around you is nothing but a lie. A big lie. You can try concealing the truth within you and act normal. But a stage will come when you’ll want to give up. I have reached that phase I guess.

Day 8 – three movies

I will be naming the three movies that have some place in my life. You might not like them. You might not be very fond of watching them. It doesn’t really matter to me. I am gonna be the same regardless of what you think of me, and so are my choices. And please, try judging me on the basis of these.. you are heading the wrong path 🙂

1. Kal Ho Naa Ho

This movie has been my all-time favorite. Aman is an all-time idol. I adore him for his values, for the way he thinks. Some of his thoughts and values, I’d like to implement in my real life.

2. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

While everyone else will pick apart with how Taani couldn’t recognize her husband Suri, I see a simple and caring husband who does everything in his reach to see his love smile. When a man can be as desperate as him, that he wouldn’t even think twice before killing a part of himself and being a totally different person for a woman.. he truly loves her. Also, this is the movie which triggered my obsession of Anushka Sharma.

3. Baghban

A decent flick. My parents love it a lot. So I guess I have grown some sort of attachment with this movie. Every time some channel is showing this one, I will pause and would call my dad and my grandma to watch it with me.

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  • Hmm..
    Superb choice.. touched with explantion you hv given for liking it… Thou its nt strange to me.. keep it up….

  • Thanks for keeping up the match with my thoughts for you.
    I would have stomped hard on your foot if you had chosen something like those good for nothing movies. I admire you for this list. Simple and sweet!
    *shoo off- the people who says it girly stuff to like such family movies.

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