10 Day ‘You’ Challenge – Day 6

Thinking about your favorite food is one good way of keeping yourself happy. I don’t have a favorite food. Not anymore. Usually I would say I like everything my Mum would make for me. Actually, I would love everything that she makes for me. Things changed, people do. I did too.

Day 6 – five foods

I will just get through this and tell you the five foods that I’ll prefer eating than dying.. just to say.

1. Masala Patties – Oh, how I miss Kota’s Masala Patties. They are the best thing that ever happened to my stomach in years! =/

2. Paneer ki Sabzi – I remember I used to love that, I still like it. It stands out them all.

3. Maggi – It’s more than just an addiction lately. I can’t help not wanting it every evening.

4. Bread omelette – The one my Mum used to make with omelette all over the bread. Mmm..

5. Veg Cheese Sandwich – I know it’s not much of healthy food. But I like them.

Now don’t you start saying things about my diets and things, I know most of what I eat ain’t healthy but it keeps my stomach happy.

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  • Umm…. now this was delicious.
    And I’m sure no one would be having a “healthy” fav food list. I never heard anyone saying “oh! I am so mad at those ladyfinger. I wish i get them daily” Uh!

    and hey i knew you like paneer ki sabji đŸ˜€

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