10 Day ‘You’ Challenge – Day 4

This seems like my favorite topic, and I am gonna make it quick. No, that’s not because I don’t have many wants. Okay, I will mail you my entire want-list in private someday provided you promise to get me at least 10% of those! O yeah!

Day 4 – seven wants

Some people want everything. Others want lesser things. Few of them want nothing. I am not sure which category I fall in, but I ‘want’ stuff, and that ‘stuff’ that I want… I want ’em like a beast!

1. I want to have a super power; yes, a special power! Like Superman, right! But I want a different super power. One even Superman didn’t have. I want to be the master of space and time. Just like Hiro Nakamuro, in HEROES. There are a lot of things I wanna change with my past, and I don’t give a damn about butterfly effects that may follow! I just want to do that!

2. I want a good wardrobe; there are lots of books and clothes I got that are no where to be placed. But I think I can do without it for another few years, I don’t really NEED it.. but I want it!

3. I want to design and decorate my own house; I do, and perhaps the whole locality I live in. I want things to be my way, to be in my reach when I need them. A socket here, a ventilator there. I want everything to be exactly the way I am comfortable with. And oh, I am already designing the home I’ll live in someday in my head. No, you don’t even get to choose which color curtains to put in my room! Grr..

4. I want a huge LCD screen on the wall in my loo; Why? I get bored! =/

5. I want a Pokémon; a real one, and a pokéball as well. Umm, Jirachi would do.. or even Torchic. Yeah, I like baby pokémon. Dratini?

6. I want to write script for an Indian TV show; they really need fresh pair of eyes and a new perspective to start with. Enough of Saas-Bahu dramas. Cartoons on CN suck big deal these days and I am left with absolutely nothing to watch!

7. I want to go back to being 14 and stay that way for the rest of my life; No, I am not telling why I want that. It’s no ‘secrets‘ thread!

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  • a big LOL @ ur wants..
    u talked like an eight year old and i simply loved it..
    Carry on Sweetie-pie.. and yes..when u’ll get your own house build..don’t forget to place that huge LCD on the wall of your loo..:rofl:!!

  • *like**like*
    Especially the one where you wanna write a script for an Indian TV show! They’d do so much better.
    Also, having a pokemon would be cool! 😀

  • Nice.
    I wish, just like people ask what we want, they could even make it true.
    Well, yay! at the first one. Make sure to get me sky ride if you get it 😛
    same pinch at 2nd and 3rd. No no… not at all at fourth. LOL!

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