10 Day You Challenge – Day 1

Yes, I haven’t written anything in a while. I am sorry. No, I wasn’t fooling around. Yes, fine, I am a total jerk!

The '10 Day You Challenge'

Honestly, I am not confident if this challenge will keep me writing stuff for ten straight days. 10 days is a lot of time. Also considering I have never written anything unless I really wanted to, I fear it’s going to end up with me giving up on it, or acting negligent, OR, I may even shut down my blog and hide somewhere for I don’t like to lose. That was absurd, I know, and totally random, yes. But I need this. I do realize now what my life has been missing for not writing the things that are required to be done. So I need to force myself into writing. And this challenge seems just the right thing for the moment.

Day 1 – ten secrets

Oh man, I am so gonna regret this!Β WTH was he THINKING? The person who came up with this challenge? 10 SECRETS! Bah!

1. You suck! No?Β OK, fine. I am completely dishonest at times. That’s something I do when I don’t feel safe telling the truth. And as much as I hate to say that but it happens more often with people in my real life than those online. No, not with the people close to my heart. I can’t lie to them. They’ll know when I do.

2. I don’t like family functions. Not that I hate them, I just think I got better stuff to do. Scooby Doo? WTH am I supposed to do among people who are 20 years older than me and talk stuff like business deals, stocks & shares and increasing expenses by their children. Duh-huh, I am not gonna start spending less just because you pick up that topic every time you walk into me.

3. I don’t like people waking me up in the morning. You do that, you make yourself worthy of my wrath. It’s as simple as that.

4. It’s been years since I have had a best friend. I have good friends. Ones I am really close with. But I miss something of some sort, something I had in my relations few years ago. Few of them will disagree with that, but I know it’s true. And that feeling of emptiness, of not having that ‘something’, someone, endures in my mind for most part.

5. There are things I might not react to at first. I will act as if they don’t matter to me, but the truth is, they do. When people ask me if I am happy with my college, I tell them yes, I couldn’t have been happier. Reality, I hate myself for not working harder in those two years and for not getting the college I promised one of my best friends back then.

6. I am pretty over-possessive when it comes to the people I love. And that feeling amplifies with time. I start judging and interpreting every single thing that happens to them. Everything they say and do, collects in my mind, which keeps processing those thoughts all day long. I can’t help but care. I act protective, and don’t want them to get hurt. Most of the times, however, not letting anyone else hurt them, I end up hurting them myself.

7. Personally, I can’t stand people who keep whining… for attention most of them. Rest are useless chumps. Everyone deals with unexpected things in life. I don’t post facebook statuses to garner “Awww. I am sorry”s or tweets screaming for attention. The closest I ever get is angsty updates that either get deleted within hours or turn into good conversations. Also I ‘secretly’ pity people who try to be what they are not. They amuse me, really do. Honestly, I would like to know what makes them think that if they are not happy with the way they are, they will be happier being someone else. A copy, will always remain a copy. An original, will always be an original (#TalksLikeTVD). You try being what you are not, you will as well lose the only real identity you have.

8. I’m not a non-believer of God. I say I am but I am not. I just hate Him. ‘Hate’ is a strong word I know. And I hate Him. I have my reasons. And no, I don’t pray. I just leave Him messages before I sleep, telling Him how much I hate him for everything He has put me through. I don’t blame Him for the mistakes I commit. I just blame Him for the things He is responsible for in my life. It’s because people say it is Him who is responsible for them and that things like those can’t happen without His consent. So I am being my natural self holding a grudge against Him.

9. I don’t know if this is the inner child in me wanting to be different and unique, but my last name has always kind of bugged me. I never use my full name anywhere, unless it is mandatory. I think it’s too much of a common name – and that coming from someone named Supriya!

10. I am super-duper lazy. Yeah, that’s not much of a secret but you know… I am getting lazy to think of my secret no. 10 right now, so I guess I will just pass. No? Oh come’on! You know there is no limits to my laziness. I am so lazy I won’t even run if my a$$ was on fire. Ha, but I guess neither would you! Wouldn’t you just sit and rub it off the ground? πŸ˜›

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  • heya…. m commenting after long on ur blog… nice ….to knw about ur so many secrets….. i hope u will keep writing…..loved ur line:

    “A copy, will always remain a copy. An original, will always be an original (#TalksLikeTVD).”

    take care..!

  • Nice work yar. A very nice site, with very soothing and user friendly interface, and top of the all, the diverse functionality of the site.

  • good, good. really nice post. learnt some things about you and i am glad you are back!! keep writing and i am sure you will complete the ten day challenge!!!

  • Well.. Well Well…. it was good to know ten top secrets of yours.. i am surprised that you were able to hide few of them from me as well..

    Your write-ups are always amazing.. and i just can’t wait 9 more write-ups which are gonna come in the next 9 days.. Keep your promise.. thanks to the person who made you do this.. πŸ™‚

  • How fun is this !!
    I can totally relate on 1,3,6 πŸ™‚

    I reckon I’ll take on the challenge; will share the links on your posts when I’m done πŸ™‚

  • I’m really hoping that it makes blogging a habit again for me too! I loved this… it’s so much fun isn’t it? It makes you really think about where things lie priority wise in your life. Strangely enough I share most of these with you… actually all!

  • Nice I know most of the things about you.. ya I do..:P keep taking such kind of challenges Bhai.. its realy nice to hear from you..:) aNd You will complete it..:D

  • Lol@England ka jhanda…. arey aa jayege JALDI…:)

    I mean it will inspire you to write and I love to hear from you..;) btw abhi blog banaya hai toh use karne ka na..:P

  • Randomly I opened your blog today and was just shuffling through your old posts.. and when i saw this challenge series. My first reaction was “where the hell i was dead that I didn’t read these?”
    I don’t know *embarrassed.
    anyway this was a very good decision you had actually taken or made to take… I wish you get so many challenges like this. LOL!
    well, about this post I would say for me all those secrets listed above was completely new (except the last one, i had already given you the award for that)
    same pinch @ 2, 3, 4, 9.
    When i read the 6th, i was like no, this can’t be really true. Or maybe i never felt it that way.
    woah! @ 9th. Nice thought but a girl like me totally disagree with it. I think i love being like others with a mixture of my own and yes, it fun to scream it aloud. Surely not for attention.

    overall it was nice to know a lil more of you.

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