Things you do not like in Ankur!

cartoon-clip-art-scolding-old-womanHi friends, I am sorry for not updating the blog for over a month now. The reason being, I had my exams back then & now I am at home, so as usual, laziness pwns me here! πŸ˜€ But I got something to share, something to blog about. Something that’s a result of sheer randomness that pwns your brain at times. For the last few days, I had been busy playing ‘Second Life’ and this is when my girlfriend (or so did I thought her to be) dumped me for reasons she denied to tell (well, I am lying here πŸ˜‰ ). I so hate her for that.. but like things go for me, I being a ‘all-shit-happens-coz-of-me’ emotional moron, went looking for reasons why she ditched me.Β  I listed out quite many of them (*giggles* how much I know myself!), but when I asked a friend of mine, to list out things she doesn’t like in me (goes back and underlines ‘she‘ πŸ˜› ), surprisingly, it ended in all but 12 points:
  1. “You tend to act ‘touchy‘ at times.” (whatever you mean by that)
  2. “Your sense of humor is kind of bad.” (Grr.. your english is ‘kind of worst’!)
  3. “Your idea of style is not clear.” (Your ideas and your style, both are never clear!)
  4. “You don’t have long hair (which will suit you better)” (You don’t play with dolls and wear short skirts, will suit you better!)
  5. “You don’t talk and tell your feeling (Feelings are to be felt, not to be told.. and I don’t talk, I RAAWWRRR!)
  6. “You dont tell me things, that hurts ur poor friend(me)make ur friends feel special by telling them things first” (Aww! Come stay in boy’s hostel *hides*)
  7. “You wear short shirt, t-shirts” (I can’t help if I have legs that are an inch extra long than they should be)
  8. “You dont talk to people outside your circle” (As if you even know my circle, or wait.. I guess, we boys dont let you know if we even talk to someone else other than you. You better be thankful for this πŸ˜‰ )
  9. “You never laugh loudly with whole heart like HA HA HA.. with big mouth open” (I brush my teeth daily, if that’s what you wanna see -.-)
  10. “You never say let’s all go for trekking” (Haha, I never refuse to go if anyone asks me for it)
  11. “You bore at times” (That’s when you get on my nerves, Grr..)
  12. “You never say I look beautiful” (I dun lie!)

P.S. : Lol, alright, don’t take it as a flaming, just that, I feel lucky to have a friend in you, who can say me anything and whom I can say anything.. Thanks for the ‘space’. Love u!

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  • Well..i dun agree with any of the points mentioned over here.. as Ankur is not like this at all.. the ‘have’ and ‘have nots’ given here for Ankur are not correct at so far I know him..he is just the opposite of whatever has been said about him..its just he doesnt unfold his ‘real being’ in front of every other person he knows… He is one of the sweetest persons of this earth..may be even called as the King of Sweetest persons…and once you know him completely..I bet You will fall in love with me!!:D

  • every other person on this Earth has sum qualities which are not liked by all..
    Ankur also has them in him..But one needs time to figure them out correctly and write them down here…so right now i dun have time to do all that..but i hope ..that i ‘ll definitely cum up with sum of the ‘not-so-good things about him…very soon..

  • i am all praises for ur friend,u r damn lucky to have her….but yeah learn to take things in ur stride and i hope u’ll try to have few changes for better πŸ˜‰

  • kamal:

    i am all praises for ur friend,u r damn lucky to have her….but yeah learn to take things in ur stride and i hope u’ll try to have few changes for better ;)

    ‘in my stride’? as in?

  • Hmm.. Sry to say dear but I never imagined that anyone can evn dump u sweetypie πŸ˜›

    @12 pts.. out of 12.. 11 are wrong acc to me…

    The one which is absolutely correct is 6.. πŸ™‚
    this is the major fault in u πŸ˜‰
    Otherwise I like u in every aspect.. may it be ur sense of humour.. or ur less talkative nature.. ur style.. ur smile.. ur persona :).. ur short hair ;)…and the most imp ur friendly nature…ahem!! kuch zyada ho gaya…

    πŸ™‚ Thats all Dear.. i dont want u to get on cloud nine ;)!!!

  • Jokes apart… Ur the most Sweetest and calm person i ever met.. and Plz remain the way U are.. Dont ever change urself.. U r a gr8 being πŸ™‚

    I love u the way u are.. so better dont think of changing.. πŸ˜‰

  • Well wat can i say? I found ankur is a very nice humain being…..He is very professional…:) very talkative….He used to do masti wid me..:) haan par kabhi kabhi ……..

  • Well!! i read this one but that too hurriedly and culdnt comment
    lolzzz…. dun mind actually i found it a bit funny as i dun agree with any of her reasons. I think she doesnt knw yet the real Ankur wich is supposed to be really naughty, talktive (at tyms not always and for sure not more than me =p), whose sense of humour im just fida, who talks to each and every ppl who wish to chat with him evn though for few mins( i started my first convo like that only being a stranger and poking him to talk to me :D)

    Most of all i dun think long hairs suits boys much so its gud he isnt having it.
    But yaah must say the girl had enough courage to speak out all this and tell u what all she felt about u. Gud that she is straight forward but come on how culd anyone dump my lil cutiepie =(

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