Adiós 2009, here comes 2k10!

Times come, and go.. Times, both good.. and bad. But they leave things behind.. things, like our memories.. memories, when we were happy, and when we were sad..

The world is all set to bid goodbye to the year 2009 (some of them already did it though, not all humans inherit regions lying in same time zone, remember?). Sigh, 2K9.. the year, not everyone survived (This post is a tribute to all those souls).. The year, not everyone lived the way they wanted to.. Some did, others didn’t. Most of the times, you ended up doing things you never wanted to.. and things ended up like, you never wanted them to. But it’s not that, always you regretted those things happening to you. You did enjoy it, atleast once! The year 2009, must be special, must have got something special for each one of us. For me, too, the year 2K9 had been a year with kaleidoscopic emotions, feelings good and bad.. changes both wanted and unwanted.. achievements, those that I deserved and others that I didn’t.. failures (always undesirable!).. friends, I feel lucky to have and will always do.

The start of the year was hectic enough. IIT-JEE, AIEEE, BITSAT, what not! Not that I was one of the studious types, whom you will always find surrounded by books with names and authors you never heard of! But then, the ones not lying in that group are the ones who have to struggle, right? Struggle to get through the syllabus once, or twice (or maybe thrice and more.. varies from person to person, the density however decreases as we go up!). Add to it your parents’ never ending hushes and pushes “Bas kuch din aur beta, mann lagakar padho”, “kuch mahino ki mehnat, aur fir masti hi masti”, “vanvaas toh kaat liya, raavan maarna baaki hai bas” and thousands like that, GOD! 3 Months of reckless studying, and certain constraints and clauses landed me in Jaypee University of Information Technology, Waknaghat (JUIT, Waknaghat in short). College, I would say, is not quite different than schools. What creates the difference is opportunity. You’ll get opportunities in  abundance there. Opportunity to know your worth, your skills and prove it before the world. Opportunity to be what you longed to be, opportunity to live life the special way, you wanted to always. You’re no longer a sibling, you get to go on your own. (P.S. Some still don’t!) You feel like you once again entered the phase of your life you once passed through, long ago, when you were a kiddo.. and you just joined school. You don’t know anyone, you won’t have the same friends you once had with you. You got to make some new. Befriend, trust, help, love and get loved. Seems like life’s revolving around in a circle. You do things, you once did when you just joined your school. But it’s different this time. You’re a bit.. grown up. I won’t go into the details here. Let teen/college tv soaps do their work 😉

The year had been sort of ‘torturous‘ I would say. Making new relations, keeping them safe and happy, hurting few, ignoring others completely! But then that’s how it has to be. You try to balance stuff and yourself get dis-balanced. Hard it is to be happy, harder it is to keep others happy. I made new friends, many of them.. and I love to have them, be with them. Then there are some whom I met after quite some time, 2 years and plus.. that’s the duration. There were things I did, things I had always wished to do.. the magazine for instance.. and the robotics workshop. There were things that kept me away from some relations, that kept me from caring and loving them. I believe they will forgive me, and that we will be more closer the coming year, than we were. I’m sorry.

And here is a something, for the person with whom I share the most beautiful relation in this world. You know it’s you. Thanks, for being there for me at times when I needed someone to hug me, kiss me, take away all my sorrows, and pains. You taught me things, that I’ll never forget. The moments I spent with you, this year, will always cherish in my heart. I Love You!

2009, an year of ups and downs. An year of mixed emotions. Emotions bole toh..
Frustration, Hushes, Recklessness, Exams, Tension, Results, Dissapointment, More Results, More Dissapointment, Anger, Frustration, Period.
College, Freedom, Fresh Start, New Friends, Ugly Teachers, Pretty Seniors, Football, Exams, Results, Party, Happy, Magazine, F**k, Robotics Workshop, Yippie, More Exams, Results, Vacations.

Things don’t always end up the way you want them to, but I’m happy my year 2009, ends here on a good note. Before signing off, I wanna share some lines of William Arthur Wards. Here they are:

“Another fresh new year is here . . .
Another year to live!
To banish worry, doubt, and fear,
To love and laugh and give!

This bright new year is given me
To live each day with zest . . .
To daily grow and try to be
My highest and my best!

I have the opportunity
Once more to right some wrongs,
To pray for peace, to plant a tree,
And sing more joyful songs!”

Happy New Year 2K10

So friends, signing of is me, Ankur, in my last post of 2K9, in the last minute of 2K9, I wish you all a very happy 2010. Good Luck, Cheers.

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  • Really!!! 2009 was a year of kaleidoscopic emotions…laughters, cries, feeling bad 😉 …..we made new friends…friends that are so close to heart…friends worth cherishing!! Right Ankur ?!!!
    Anyways, the goods of 2k9 override the bads it brought with it…
    Things always don’t go the way u want them to…bt then what is in ur hand is to wish they go the way u want and work hard to turn them in ur favor…Lets now start with the year resolutions, new achievements, newer emotions, and much more…

    Welcome 2010 !!!
    Happy New Year !!!

  • Dear Bhai,2009 led you and your life to a new way which has lot of exciting and amazing things to gift you..but you will get it
    only by your hard work and dedication..which I know you’ll always do..
    You are very is your life..there’s nothing to regret..there’s only to achieve,create,decorate and love..
    And your loved ones are always with you in whatever you do….

    May this year brings all the luck and happiness to your life and you keep smiling forever..

    Wish you and all your loved ones..A very Happy New Year

  • Erm… i knw im commenting too late … as i din knew abt ur updated blog just saw it 2day after so long 🙄
    anyways however the year went but yet it started with a new beginning of ur life.. with a diff step towards ur career, with diff perspectives of life.
    Obviously college life simply rocks and hope now you must have been used to it and found it much familiar than ur past life.
    Life keeps changing by passage of tym. We face many situations frm wich we need to learn what is good for us. No doubt life is always full of ups and downs but thats wat encourages us to put more efforts to give our best in future.
    So with all these i end saying hope this year proves really good for u.
    God bless u a life full of happiness and success.

    Keep rocking and smiling 😀

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