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I recently checked my orkut profile and found a new bubble over it (this is the indication of  “New Orkut” on my profile ). I know that orkut is experimenting many things on “New orkut” but i think it follows the facebook.


How to check if your orkut friends have new orkut features?

The bubble shown in below screen shot is the indication of New Orkut user.


Do you need New Orkut invites ?

I have very limited invites so i can’t gave it to every body and neither I fairly decide whom to choose and whom to reject. So i decided to choose from persons who tweet this post with hashtag “#ankursays”.

Tweet This to get New Orkut invites

Get new orkut invites (via @ankursays)


1.If you can’t tweet then comment in this post to claim your invites. I’ll select you from selections.

2. If you have spare invites the please donate it to the persons here.


Confirmed Invitees:


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Note: I arranged many more invites and you need to Comment/Tweet to get new Orkut invites

Please add me on orkut to receive the invites.

(orkut only allows to send the invites to friends)

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