Aladin : A quick review

Aladin Bg

This is one such movie Indian cinema has never seen. A Clear winner of Aladin, is its SFX. Blood and sweat has been put over it and it really shows. Not at any point it looks overdone. What complements the movie more is its perfect casting and characterisation. Each and every actor is cast so well that you can never imagine anyone else playing any character. Ritesh is so perfect as a loser Aladin. While Jaquline is endearing as Jasmine. Amitabh Bachchan is extremely likeable and does not make you remind his similar role of Bhootnaath.

Sanju baba is clearly show stopper. As a bad guy, Ringmaster he is oh, so perfect. Cinematography is the thing to watch out for. Huge sets and excellent use of the fort city – Jaisalmer is eye pleasing. Sujoy’s direction is good, but at some points movie loses a little bit. Screenplay becomes less engaging. But given the novelty value, and at short running time of 132 minutes, the movie is full on joyride.

It takes out child from within you. Child who want to dance to peppy tunes of Vishal Shekhar. Music sounds better while watching it on screen. Cause all are situational songs.

All in all, its a must watch movie for some serious and honest effort of putting up age old fable on to the screen.

Rating: 3.5/5 for Aladin !!! Don’t Miss it!!

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