2 States – the story of Chetan’s marriage

Hi guys, finally I’m back home! After tweeting the countdown for around 40 hours, yesh, yesh, yesh.. I finally came home!

Ok, I was late though, went shopping to Shimla (with my gang) which was totally unplanned. (Shimla, FYI, is in the opposite direction to my home from my college!) It took me more than 3 hours to return back from where I started (i.e. displacement equals zero). But I am glad I went. For I got to buy Chetan Bhagat’s 2 States! Yes, India’s best-selling English author’s fourth novel – the story of ‘his’ marriage. I desperately wanted a copy ever since 8th of October, the day when it was released. So, my journey back home wasn’t that boring, what it could have been had I not gone shopping 😀

2 States : Chetan Bhagat
2 States : Chetan Bhagat

One thing I like about Chetan’s books is his writing style. The way he converts thoughts into words with such an ease is simply awesome! 2 States is a story connecting two people, belonging to different states, who are deeply in love and want to get married. Of course, their parents don’t agree. To convert their love story into a love marriage, the two have a tough battle in front. For it is easy to fight and rebel, but much harder to convince.

Though Chetan clearly stated in it’s disclaimer that it is a work of fiction, but I doubt the statement. And the book also made me doubt the level of fiction in his first book, “Five Point Someone”. In other words, 2 States seems to be a sequel of his earlier work – Five Point Someone. But with a totally new story in a totally different environment.

Though I reached home at quarter past midnight, after travelling more than 12 hours in bus, I just couldn’t Zzz before I finished reading the book. And I was glad I did. Because soon the ugliest truth of my life was to be unveiled before my eyes. And I don’t think, I don’t know rather.. if I would have wanted to read anything the following day.

P.S. The book is a must read for all those in love, all who are planning to fall in love and those who want to know what’s love.


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  • Truly must say the story rocks!!!
    okies… i finished it in around almost 6months but thats how i love to read (erm..actually i got a lil lazy and din got tym in between).
    By the way it left an everlasting effect on me and i would love to read it again. Hoping next tym i dun tk those 6months again =p
    CB has just explained his emotions very well. I culd just feel each and every word. Even culd imagine the characters in front of me.
    Personally i found the krish’s character the best and love the part how he explained, in wich he takes his twist and turns at nyts coz i do the same wen things keep disturbing my mind and not letting me to fall asleep.
    Like this… many more things attract me to this novel and my interest kept increasing by every single page. I think everyone shuld read it as its worth reading.
    Totally based on our real love stories and world’s nonsense barriers which dun let them meet and until they reach to the extent of meeting their love reaches to the level of frustrations caused due to their own family members. Hatsoff to the lovers who actually become one at the end after facing such circumstances.

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