Welcome afresh, that’s my first post!

Hi, finally after 7 months since the launch (of this blog) by a friend, I’m here posting my first blog post. Thanks to those numerous pokes by friends (and dees) & some pre-college excitement, I finally decided.. it’s time to blog! Tongue

Sop, leaving all my under construction websites/forums behind, I started my ‘quest’ (it wasn’t less than that!) for some nice, simple theme for the blog. After testing more than ~100 themes from smashingmagazine and googling 300 more, finally I found this theme : Dilectio featured on SmashingMagazine.

Dilectio : by designdisease

Although a 3-column theme, but found it better than many others I saw. Just what I needed, something  “simple, beautiful and user-friendly”. After spending whole of my evening customizing it, finally I came up with what you see on here.. phew!! Whew

Also featured on Smashing Magazine was a bonus wallpaper, which I used as a background image for the blog, (ofcourse I customized it!).

So, after perishing about 150mb of my monthly bandwidth, I feel I got the right, desired layout. Still working on the plugins and sidebar though, but atleast I can tell everyone.. I started blogging! Big Grin

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