I love you, pretty girl

You are growing up so fast, it scares me sometimes. Not quite the usual set of words you say to a girl at midnight, on her birthday that too. But those were exactly the words that popped out of my mouth last night while I held her in my arms. She looked at me with her eyes half open, my words making no sense to her, I reckon. ‘Thank you’ she said, her arms trying to wrap themselves around me. A part of me felt that they were trying to tell me, it’s alright, big brother. I have been every bit possessive about the people that I love and care for and she tops that list...

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Guest post #4 – Insanity of Desire!

The sun has risen up and its rays had made the girl, who was still asleep, cuddle with her blanket. Tina woke up only to find her love, Ronit which was missing on the bed. Fearing he left her she shrugged off the blanket swiftly to rush downstairs in search of him but was stopped midway by a hold on her from the wrist. She knew the touch for it was his firm hand. Her eyes sparkled with satisfaction of him being around. He grabbed her from arms softly making her turn to face towards him. Both of them stared at each other for a moment until she couldn’t resist but hug him tightly. To her...

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Guest post #3 – When Life appeared like a DREAM..!!

Girls are the crazy devotees of love stories and I am no different. Being an ardent admirer of love sagas, I had heard, watched and read hundreds of love stories. But this story was different, completely different than the rest, for me, because it is my love story, and for others as well, because there was something about this tale which made it extremely special. My life has been special in its own way.. lovely family, great friends, good job and a simple lifestyle. There was nothing extraordinary that I could have shared with the others and the entire world. Being an introvert,I like...

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Guest post #2 – Following your heart

Hey,  Here I got invited to write a guest post that is surprising for me because I am not a good writer but I am a learner, Well I feel glad to be a part of Ankur’s  blog, who is my lil Brother..:) I am writing on very short notice and I got barely good time to think, so I am come-up with an idea to discuss about a very crucial topic that is a dream career. Dream career here implies that everyone start dreaming about a career in their childhood time and often family members and their friends ask you this question that bache bade ho kar kya banoge 😛 On that note I would like to ask, is...

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Guest post #1 – Here’s someone for you!

Okay, so this is how it started. One evening, I was doing some gaming on my mobile. TV was on. And Buzzzz, I had a new message. Oye, will you be the first guest blogger for my blog =/ I tell you, that wasn’t shocking. =) Hello Readers, Ankur ke dosto and yes, my dear Spam Bots! I am Varun (if you didn’t alreay notice). 😛 It was really hard to decide about the topic. It had to be good, that’s all I knew. Talking about life, feelings, etc has never been my thing. Fun? Um.. No. That happens with friends around, right? (winks) So, I didn’t had anything to...

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O Hosanna!

I have never been the person who would happily share whatever he’s feeling, whenever he’s feeling with anyone who’s around. Unless being prodded about it for long, by few close ones that too, it never happened. Last night, I am surprised.. was an exception. An exception I’m not afraid or regret I made. Serene and silent was the night, and soft music were on loop. I was doing what I’m good at.. designing, chatting and facebook. Few (countable) number of chat tabs were open, I wasn’t talking with many of them though. The ones I was talking to, a dear college...

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